Image Tag: alone

JCCI-100618 - Silhouette of man with beard at sunset leaning on fence looking out at view
JCCI-100233 - Sail boats moored at Lake Wendouree jetty on a cold misty morning in Black and White
JCCI-100127 - A lone tree in a desolate snowscape, bleak, foggy and void of life
JCCI-100109 - Woolly merino sheep looking bedraggled in a cold environment
JCCI-100093 - Lady walking along gravel track around Lake Wendouree, Ballarat on a cold misty morning
JCCI-100092 - Sail boats moored at Lake Wendouree jetty on a cold misty morning
JCCI-100091 - Silhouetted tree skeleton against a dramatic sky
JCCI-100088 - New Holland Honeyeater bird sitting on a branch
JCCI-100077 - Moody dry tree skeleton in a desolate landscape
Fisherman walking along a wooden pier on a calm sea with fishing rods and bucket in Frankston Victoria Australia Black and white
A man sits on the boardwalk next to his scooter watching the dramatic evening storm clouds at sunset

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