A Vision Of Tranquillity

Tranquillity emanates from the glow of the ocean.  The distant hum of traffic provides the comfort of knowing I am not alone on this planet but only a step away.  Everything seems so peaceful, so calm and inviting.  Warmth emanates from the glow of the street lights that span to the horizon.

Why is it that everything man makes is made to deceive?  Can we not understand that we are only lying to ourselves?  Our peaceful exteriors only hide the true pain and anger that we create for ourselves.  We are fascinated with illusion and image.  Trying our hardest to make things look different to what they are.

Why can’t we discard the illusions and let the magic take over?  The magic of healing the pain, and the transformation of hate and anger into love and harmony.

Let the vision of tranquillity be a vision of truth.

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