The Pendulum

The pendulum ticks with every sway.

With every sway another second

Forever gone…

Until the next one.

Another breath of air escaping unnoticed,

leaving me one breath closer to death.

If the breath was my last,

would it still go unnoticed?

As I choked on my own rattle,

would this last be the sweetest breathe I ever took?

As I stand at the microwave waiting for

my food to glow with radiation,

I stare into the pendulum of life,

counting the seconds of unnoticed life.

As breathes move on,

the rhythmic sway of eternal apathy entrances my soul.

Until the pendulum stops! Dead…

Tick… Tick… Tick…

The cycle starts over

Ever present, never ending

As the new begin their journey

Of increasingly unnoticed breaths.

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