Turning of Undeath

Oh my God I’m so scared. Can’t let the others see. Need to show strength. Okay brave face… Brave face. Why is Stephen just standing there, doesn’t he understand what’s going on?

“Stephen put those boards across the windows, quickly.” So stupid. Oh shit Jennifer looks like she’s about to burst. Last thing we need is a screaming child. “Jenny, take this torch and shine it so that Stephen can see what he’s doing. This is a very important job. Do you think you can do that?” Great she’s nodding. A simple yes would have been nice but I’ll take a nod. Better than screaming. I want to scream. I think we all want to scream.

Okay, we’re ready. I think. Now the wait. This is always the worst part. Everything goes quite and all we have is our own thoughts. I wonder who’ll crack first. God, why do I think like this. These are my friends. I can’t even believe I’m thinking it. These people are nobody to me. I like em sure. But when those stink filled sons of bitches start smashing down the doors. One of em will get it. They always do. Just takes one little mistake and BAM! They’re on the floor screaming with blood pissing out all over the place. Who knows, maybe this’ll be the night we all get it. Maybe that’ll be a good thing. Maybe…

Death. It seems like such a peaceful option. So long as I got it in the brain that is. Wouldn’t want to turn. I wonder if they’re aware of what they are. I wonder if they can feel the rot taking over. I wonder if…

God damn it why do I always think like this. My mind is so messed up. Guess it’s not surprising with all the shit I’ve seen. I never used to be like this. It seems so long ago that I was stressing over making a living, paying bills, fitting in, not offending anyone. So long ago. So stupid. A little dose of the end of the world and every and the only stress is staying alive long enough to hope this ends.

I’ve lost so many friends and… Debbie. Oh no why did I think of you Deb. Shit is that tears? Push it down push it deep. I can’t let the others see me tearing up. Change thoughts.

Dead fuckers!

Head popping, bat swinging, dead fuckers!

Oh man, the stench of those corpses. Can’t believe of all the end of world possibilities we actually got the zombie apocalypse. Comet woulda been good. All over in a flash. Everyone dead. No pain… Nothin’! Alien invasion coulda been fun. Might’ve been able to steal a spaceship and take it for a joyride. Hell, even a mega volcano erupting and sending us into a dark age woulda been better than this. Stinky, rotten dead fuckers.

Oh shit! I think I heard something. Oh crap they’re here.

Shit Jenny. Gotta whisper “Psssst, Stephen…” a nod in her direction should suffice. Good he’s noticed. It’d be the end of us all if she started crying now. The kid’s gotta toughen up or she won’t see another birthday. Fuck, never realised how good I had it as a kid. What kind of world is she growing up in to? She’ll never be able to go out and play with her friends in the woods like we did. She’ll never know the simple pleasure of going to the corner shop and buying a dollar’s worth of snakes, gummy bears and jelly beans. Never enjoying sitting in a park while reading a book under a shady tree. All she’ll ever know is fear. Looking over her shoulder the whole time. Never being able to let her guard down. Not for a minute. Cause that’s when they get ya. Those abominations.

Oh fuck they’re getting in!

“Matt, John, Stephen! Get to the windows. We can’t let them get in.” Shit these guys maybe stupid but at least they’re not bad in a fight. Where’s my bat. Over there. Quick get it. Oh man, I feel sick. My heart is thumping in my throat. Can’t be sick. Fight it. Fight it down. Use the energy. Oh crap there’s a dead fucker.

Bat. Pick up. Swing. Head. Boom… Oh my God I’ll never get used to that wet crunch sound. Oh shit another. Swing. Head. Boom. Ah fuck it’s in my mouth. It’s God damn mouldy brain exploded in my mouth. No. sick rising. Throat burn. Nose burn. Salty mouth. Watch out for shoes. Tears. I hate it.

Gasping… Breathe… Breathe…

Oh no. Where did he come from. Burning… My shoulder. Oh no… I’ve been bit. I’ve been bit.

Carousel and fairy floss, toffee apples and laughing clowns. The apple cider tasted sweet and the bubbles burnt my tongue. The music. That pipe organ music. How I love it. Where has the music gone and what is that smell? That sweet rotting smell…

Dead! Kill! Destroy!

Bat. Swing. Head. Swing. Head. Swing. Head. Die you rotten fuck die!… Head mangled. Not moving. Fuck look at the gore. God damn I’ve been bit. Maybe it wont infect me. Feels shallow. What do I do. Don’t call out. Don’t call out. Oh fuck. They’ll kill me if they know. I would if it was them. Oh fuck. Gotta get outta here. Away. Gotta get away. This is bad. Look window. Run. Run!

It’s cold out here. Pain, it hurts. Oh my God. Run. Oh my God. Why was I so stupid. How could I’ve turned my back to the window. I don’t even know how it happened. Oh my, I can feel it in me. Fuck! This is it. It’s all over. This is how I end. Why did I run. Why didn’t I stay and let them kill me. I know I’m gonna turn. Everyone turns. But maybe I won’t. Maybe I’m different. There’s a chance. There has to be. Oh God why… God? Why do I call your name now? I’m such a hypocrite. My whole life I’ve argued blind against you but now… All I want to do is drop to my knees and beg your forgiveness. Please God spare me. Please. Anything. I’ll do anything. Just spare me this.

Arrrgh it hurts. Fire down my arm; across my chest. It hurts so bad. I can feel it in me. It’s growing. Taking over. God please… Anyone… please. Breathing hard, chest tightening. Legs on fire. Is it death? Is it something else? Will I be aware after… What’s happening. So scared. Shaking. Cold. So cold… All the things I didn’t do. All that time wasted working. Should’ve spent every minute with Deb. Gasping. This is it. Can feel it taking me. Pulling at my soul. Pain. Oh pain…Blackness sweeping. Closing in. Cold. Feeling calm. Feeling… Free. Feeling… No more.

One more breathe. That’s it just one more. So hard.

I feel

I feel









Sooo hungry…


Get to noise.

Can smell, something.

Can smell, flesh.

In house over there.

Noise and flesh.

Walk to house.

Walk to noise.

Look, flesh.

So hungry.

Must eat flesh.


On floor.


A tiny flesh.

Eat flesh.

Eat it.

Ah noise gone.

Still hungry

On floor.

Big flesh hit me.

Get up.

Must eat flesh.



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