Skipping through the squiggloop

There was a squiggle in the garden yestersomething and I noticed it skipping through the squiggloop next to the golden-blue porange herbs and it stood up and said it needed a huggleberry so I gave it one and it took …

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Touched by God

High above the earth, a single passenger on a plane, lost in a storm, confronts the infinite abyss of death.

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Flaw in the design

The clouds swirled and rumbled below. A storm was brewing. Sitting at his desk, the inventor studied his design. Fingers fumbling across the old papers with endless scribbles, equations and symbols known only to the mind from which they came. …

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Lake Resonance

A rustling can be heard as the leaves shimmer with the vibrations of someone, something, approaching. The dense green foliage that has consumed all in its path, suddenly shows a crack in its front as four, then eight pink little …

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