Un-Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why has this happiness intruded my space?I didn’t ask for its warmth, its pleasure, its grace.My true satisfaction comes from only one thing.A deep depression so dark, so grim.The light that surrounds me must be filtered with red.The air that ...
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Inside My Head

What is this pain inside my head? Maybe I’m dying. Maybe I’m dead. What if I live in this limbo state? Where will I go? What is my fate? My mind is collapsing. Am I insane?
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We’re nearly there. Where! There! But where is there? There is nowhere, nowhere called there. But there it is, that place called there. But now we’re hear, it’s no longer there.
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A New Day!

The clouds are clearing from the sky.Revealing the moon as she bids a goodbye.It is the beginning of a brand new daysent from the Gods and thrown our way.The birds are singing and fluttering aroundwhile larger animals stir on the ...
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What Is This Love?

This pain inside of me is winding up real tight. Why wont people let me be? Why must I always fight? Am I the only person who thinks the way I do? There must be someone else, if only that ...
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