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JCCI-100295 - Powerful waves consume Frankston Beach in powerful storm
JCCI-100290 - Stormy Seas at Frankston Pier Waves crashing through the boards
JCCI-100212 - A lonely country road shrouded in mysterious moody clouds and mist in black and white
JCCI-100194 - Control tower rising out of the water at Cardina Lake Reservoir
JCCI-100188 - Pile of chains linked together in high contrast black and white
JCCI-100125 - A lonely country road shrouded in mysterious moody clouds and mist
JCCI-100122 - Black and White pathway in Ballarat’s old cemetery with a menacing sky
JCCI-100113 - Lonely train tracks disappearing under a bridge and into a foggy morning landscape
JCCI-100096 - Eureka flag flying in the wind on a gloomy overcast day in the old Ballarat cemetery
JCCI-100095 - Eureka flag flying between headstones in the Ballarat old cemetery
JCCI-100094 - Historical paths leading through Ballarat’s old cemetery on a gloomy overcast day
JCCI-100081 - Looking straight up into the gloomy grey tree canopy
JCCI-100077 - Moody dry tree skeleton in a desolate landscape
Power lines run along a country track into an early morning foggy landscape
Blurry city lights at night distorted through a rainy windscreen
A Melbourne City yellow taxi cab on a rainy night with wet streets and light glows
Sunrise shining golden rays through the early morning fog softly blanketing a prehistoric landscape

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