Trapped Inside

Encased in a shell, trapped inside, a barrier to reality, unclimbably high. Foggy emotions, cryptic thoughts, rambling words, dark and distraught. Heavy in mood, wallowing weight, memory subdue, senses downgrade. All light is blinding, shines through flesh and skull, sounds ...
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People of the Boards

A short poem inspired by walking the boardwalk as the COVID 19 virus fear takes hold.
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This hallowed eve

As the sun leaves this hallowed land, neath feet of trodden ground, under cover of darkness, the spirits rise and the devils come forth. For this eve, the land that is, belongs to us, the creatures of shadow. We bring ...
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Those who taught me

The person who taught me manners had none The person who taught me empathy had none The person who built my heart had none The person who taught me respect had none The person who taught me math used an ...
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Sitting on a breeze

Sitting on a breeze Washing pain through my head. A sculpture of my death. The last chapter read. Whip the sea into a frenzy. Wander through it like a bee. Slipping through the fingers of a craniotomy. Trapped eternal hopeless. ...
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The Devil and the Angel

I am the devil on your shoulder The angel in your ear The voice of your reason The root of your fear The demon in your closet The saviour at your side Deception in your truth And the truth in ...
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The Selene Descent

The story of the setting Moon. So beautiful as she fades away.
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Dream Girl

I met a girl… So beautiful. Skin so soft, attitude so rough, yet fragile and perfect. Our insecurities met, cancelling each other’s out; safely wrapped in each other’s arms. Love was inevitable; it was destined. Not at first sight; at ...
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My Time To Play

I live in your world. Your safe little world. With your safe little houses And your safe little lives. Everything in order Where everything seems to thrive. But today is the day that all goes away Today is the day ...
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Happiness eludes me

I got friends that inspire meI got a roof above meI got food inside meBut happiness still eludes me I got all the things I could ever needI got a life like a fantasyI got all the world in front ...
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Banana Smoothies

When the world is dead and everyone is gloomy, there’s nothing left to do but drink banana smoothies.
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Single Tear

A single tear is all I can cry A single tear before I can die A final tear I cannot deny A final tear, a final lie
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Is it worth it?

Is it worth it? The fame, the fortune. Is it worth it? The fancy cars, the classy restaurants, the private jets, the limousines. Is it worth it? What about that house.  The one with everything I ever wanted.  The swimming ...
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In this great big world that we live in So many that are alone So why am I alone The streets seem busy both day and at night The people are so cold This city is so cold If everybody ...
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Tainted Grace

I can not love Because there’s too much to hate I wanna die But it’s too late This world has fed me On its bullshit lies It’s taken everyone for a ride The trees are laughing now The sky is ...
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Let It Be Done

Whatever happens, we move on Not looking back, just gliding along The future is set but hazy too What will become of me and you The world is open for us all We’ve just got to listen for our call ...
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I Cry

The words of tears are powerful I cry for the men that were sent to wars and didn’t return but mainly I cry for the ones that did I cry for the children that have died from starvation But mainly ...
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The Rush Of Death

The rush of death sets in From my own hand The demons tear at my soul Ripping, devouring my flesh My mind, my sanity The chill of death sets in My puddle of life dripping at my feet Memories return, ...
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The Madness

The madness is all around Pushing Pounding Punishing I feel it closing in Insideously suffocating Its wrath emanating through my senses For a second I am caught Held in its cold menagerie of lost souls Tip-toe Tip-toe My mind is ...
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Is the fight worth it? It aint worth it now. But will it be worth it? I can’t see how. What’s wrong with you? I feel sick with guilt. But what is this from? It’s from the wall’s that I’ve ...
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Break Me

I wanna be hated I wanna be hurt I wanna be fated To live this life of dirt I wanna be punched I wanna be kicked I want my soul To be torn up and ripped I want to cry ...
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My Demon

You are the hate that I envy You are the rage that besets me You are the pain in my head Are you dying? I am dead! You are the guilt I am feeling I am the drug you are ...
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A Life Time

I’ve had a life time Of people close to me They’re quick to tell me That I’m worthless I’ll never get anywhere ’cause I’m lazy I’m just dreamin’ I’m so crazy Is it any wonder I’ve turned out the way ...
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I’m weird, I’m strange, I’m a little deranged, I’m just crazy.   You say I’m insane, I have not a brain, I’m just crazy.   If there’s someone to blame, it’s societies cane, for being crazy.   The torch of ...
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Afflicted with obsession the generation of today with this thing called `television’ It aint gonna go away. Hypnotic drone of content Addictive beyond whats seen Insidious commercial salesman Behind everything you see Scenes of death and destruction people without food ...
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