Nothing is forever

Nothing is forever. The universe is in constant flux. The only constant, the only certainty is that change will occur. Sometimes it’s foreseen. Sometimes it’s planned. Sometimes it sweeps the floor from under your feet and shatters your heart into ...
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A Day of Nonsense – The Mollusc

A love of nonsense gave birth to this short story about the great Universe of "The Mollusc"
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A Vision Of Tranquillity

Tranquillity emanates from the glow of the ocean.  The distant hum of traffic provides the comfort of knowing I am not alone on this planet but only a step away.  Everything seems so peaceful, so calm and inviting.  Warmth emanates ...
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The Poet

After creation came the poet And the poet said “Let there be darkness” And the Sun fell from the sky leaving the night And the poet said “Let there be pain” And he curled up in agony as all his ...
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Normality Is A Haze

The people eat their T.V. sets as the chicken flies west through the rabbit cage. Eaten but not stirred please. The cattle stalk their victims prey as the innocents wonder about their day. ‘What’, is the word that remains drunk ...
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The Midnight Moth

Death wraps its cold arms around me once more. The toxins of life cleanse from my blood. Visions of my past flash before my eyes, from this life or a previous one, I do not know. The midnight moth arrives ...
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The Mirror

I stare into the mirror, as it casually and unaware reflects the true nature from within my soul. A dim light of hope that redemption may still be possible. A flash of images projects onto my mind. Red, blood, hatred, ...
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The Pendulum

The pendulum ticks with every sway. With every sway another second Forever gone… Until the next one. Another breath of air escaping unnoticed, leaving me one breath closer to death. If the breath was my last, would it still go ...
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I believe the unbelievable. I practise the unsociable. I receive the unattainable. I worship the undesirable. I feel the untouchable. I destroy the indestructible. I am not the understandable.
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A Tortured Existence

Drip! Drip! The sound of rain flushing another tormented soul into the freedom of death. A whip makes its tortured crack, as lacerations, so plentiful, scar my back. A small stream of blood trickles down my spine and land softly ...
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Illusions Of Sanity

The raging winds, so wild and furious, blast the savage landscape. Stars flickering in the midnight sky. What is midnight anyway? When does night start and finish and who determines its middle? A dog roams aimlessly around the lake. It ...
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The Pen

The pen, it thrives inspiration. Channelling thoughts; emotions of my being. For if I don’t feel it the pen can not write it. The pen writes so only I understand. I am the master; it the slave… A slave to ...
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The blackness that has swept across this great land is by no chance. It is I who has challenged its greatness and have conquered. The hatred and suffering that I have spread is just the beginning of what I have ...
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