Instagram Tag: patterns

JCCI-100167-2005-07-02 - IMG_7158-2400px-Web
JCCI-100166-2005-07-02 - IMG_7157-2400px-Web
JCCI-100105 - Blotchy patchy lichen and moss patterns growing on an old textured stone
JCCI-100104 - Old decaying black and white mosaic tiled floor 02
JCCI-100103 - Old decaying black and white mosaic tiled floor 01
JCCI-100097 - Lichen and moss textures and patterns on a grungy old gravestone
JCCI-100080 - Millions of bubbles from the boiling water in a pan
Tiny tree leaves bud starting to open
Repetitive rows of crisp green leaves
Vibrant green feathers of a colourful native Australian Rosella bird

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