The Selene Descent

I’ve had a life time
Of people close to me
They’re quick to tell me
That I’m worthless
I’ll never get anywhere ’cause I’m lazy
I’m just dreamin’
I’m so crazy

Is it any wonder I’ve turned out the way I have

I’ve had a life time
Of the world around me
Always tryin’ to tell me
That I’m okay.
I should except me for who I am
Who am I
Am I crazy?

Is it any wonder I’ve turned out the way I have

There are so many opinions
But they’re always contradictions
Will I ever be sure of what I’m gonna do
Who is wrong or right
Is it me or is it you
This world is so confusing
Don’t know where I am or what to do

I want a life time
Of the people close to me
To reassure me
So I feel okay.
To help me get where I wanna be
They aint just dreams
I’m not crazy

I sit and wonder if I’ll stay the way I am

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