Lake Resonance

A rustling can be heard as the leaves shimmer with the vibrations of someone, something, approaching. The dense green foliage that has consumed all in its path, suddenly shows a crack in its front as four, then eight pink little fingers appear and carefully pull the entwined leaves and stems apart. A young girl, a child stands, wide eyed and filled with wonder at the sight that beholds her.

Carefully she edges forward, curious of all yet fearful that any movement may wake her from the dream she must surely be in. The sand beneath her bare feet emanates a warmth that rises up and envelops her with a sense of love and belonging. Gradually she leaves the safety of the shrubbery. One step, then another, yet her feet leaving no disturbance in the sand, not a trace.

Before her is a glistening lake of the most crystal blue water she has ever known. Light sparkling off the gentle ripples. It calls to her, beckoning with the whispers of a thousand angels. Slowly she reaches out with her left foot and carefully lowers her toes towards the scintillating liquid below. The moment her big toe makes contact with the water, electricity shoots up her leg, through her spine, into her mind and throughout her entire body, energising every part of her being, enrapturing her for the briefest of eternities.

In that instant her entire life flashes before her eyes; She relives her birth, infant years and the childhood that has led her to this moment. The vision continues beyond the now, not limited by her illusion of time. She sees her adolescents, adulthood and an extraordinary life that she will lead, right through to her eventual death as an old woman, sad to be leaving but excited for the adventures that lay beyond. As the old woman eyes close a final time, the child’s eyes are forced open again.

Her other foot enters the water as she laps up the life energy that is surging through her. Upon the horizon she notices the sky changing as it is filled with sparkling stars of all colours. Then a burst of light, unlike that of the Sun, as the surreal beauty and grander of a galaxy rises. It’s glowing heart, encircled by glittery arms spiralling out. It’s slightly blurred reflection casting even greater majesty upon the surface of the lake.

Slowly she steps one foot after the other, gradually making her way into the lake. A gentle warm breeze caresses her skin causing her to reactively breathe in the life wind. It continues to dance on by sending little ripples across the surface of the water.

As the galaxy looms above the horizon, the young girl stops. Motionless in awe of the moment. There is an energy here. One she is unfamiliar with, yet somehow she understands its power and intention. Carefully she lays down. The surface tension of the crystal blue water bends slightly under her weight but holds and supports her as she closes her eyes and succumbs to the power of this sonorous phenomenon.

She is filled with love and light as the galactic energies tug at her soul. At first, the young girl resists, fearful of letting go but the energies feel so pure that she knows in her heart that no harm can come of her in this place. In the instant she makes the decision and her soul rises up and dances in the wisps of eternity. The young girl knows that this is the realm of the angels, where eternity and consciousness collide.

In this place without time, all boundaries of reality melt away as she becomes one with the Universe. Her mind no longer hers alone but the awareness of all that ever was and all that ever will be. Then slowly, eons drift away with the knowings they have brought and the girl is returned.

Laying upon the water, dry and warm, she opens her eyes. Her consciousness once again her own. Yet she is more than she was. Infused into her heart of hearts, her very being, is a deep knowing that to live a life of anything less than that which is true to her soul, would be insufferable burden, a crime against existence. With a deep passion, energy and excitement, the girl stands from the lake and with great determination, steps forward into the rest of her life.

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